DouxVillage Founders

Pierre Billon & Sébastien Lambla
(c) Philippe Fitte & Edward Wright

Underneath the visible part of the iceberg – our meetings with the shop owners and companies in Monaco – a lot is happening behind the scenes. The goal: that everything can run smoothly on launch day. For the great shop owners and retailers of Monaco, and also for the end consumers who are expecting a great alternative to buying from the large foreign e-commerce websites.

So, let’s make an exception and take a minute to talk about us. About Sébastien and myself – Pierre – that is. DouxVillage isn’t just a neat action, it’s also a viable business project with carefully planned models, thanks to the close to 40 years cumulated experience of its two founders.
Sébastien is specialised in software creation and agile company management. Senior consultant already at 19, and UK based until 2018, he has among other things given conferences in close to 15 countries. Fascinated by science, astronomy and egyptology, he sometimes like to hop on theatre stage and loves fashion. More than “Mr IT”, he brings a valuable 360° business outlook to DouxVillage, especially if he’s had his coffee.
Pierre is a corporate finance & strategy expert, as well as a project manager. Director Customer Experience at Monaco Telecom until 2019, he was a consultant for nearly 8 years in Germany, after having worked in corporate finance et project management in Austria and Belgium, among other countries. Also a fan of science and technologies, he also loves exercising. If you see him drink a glass of alcohol: make a wish, you’re witnessing a rare event !

Above all, the real DouxVillage stars are the member of Monaco’s community and its shopkeepers: those who supported us from the start, our delivery or payment partners, and the Monaco citizens who support us on Facebook groups.
DouxVillage is a great business venture to help lift Monaco, its shops and its economy, but it’s above all a human adventure.


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